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A grant of £850 is available for Domestic Installations and the Renewable Heat Incentive when launched will pro Read More...
Heat Pumps
Greenday Renewable’s heat pump heating systems are a direct replacement for oil and gas boilers – Read More...
Rain Water
Rainwater harvesting systems are not a new concept. Gardeners have been using water butts for years, b Read More...
Solar Energy
Greenday Renewables has considerable experience in solar power installations. Read More...
Welcome to Greenday Renewables

Greenday Renewables can guide you through the latest renewable energy systems, provide high-quality installations and help you save a fortune on your fuel bills every year. Although our focus has been on  Photovoltaic Systems (PV) over the last three years with many hundreds of installations around the UK, we see a future growth in all the renewables technologies.

For example, we estimate that our solar hot water systems can deliver up to 60% of your annual requirements and that our heat pump boilers can produce an extra 3 kWh for every 1 kWh you use. Biomass boilers are allready delivering fantastic returns for our commercial clients who receive payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive. And if you live in an area regularly affected by hosepipe bans, our rainwater harvesting systems can ensure that you have a reliable supply of clean water.

Renewable energy is a good long-term investment that could make your property more attractive if you decide to sell. There’s even a Government scheme that pays you for all the energy you produce via solar PV panels or wind turbines and allows you to sell any excess back to your energy supplier.

Under the Government’s Feed-in Tariff, you currently get paid 21p for every kWh of solar energy you produce, plus an extra 3.1p for any excess energy you sell back to the grid. The Government is also due to launch the Renewable Heat Incentive in 2012, which will extend the renewable energy incentives options even further.
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